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Sites to visit for updates and new content ...

Satin and Leather:  my writing and story site (watch for the full archive to be populated by September 30, 2006.)  Firewatch & No Going Back are fully up now

Patty's Gallery: the starter pages are up.  Three galleries are set up, I should be able to get a F/F gallery up tonight (Aug 23) and I got a few of my hundreds of poems up on Monday.  Goodness gracious I had no idea I'd written sooooo much stuff.  *g*
Patty's Gallery blog:  my thoughts, essays and ramblings about life, being a spanko and who knows what else.  Getting back on line is a huge undertaking when it includes reposting galleries with hundreds of drawings and and large story archives, none of which were formatted for html. 

Want to buy spanking stuff?  right now I have some of my artwork branded on select items... Please support my internet activity by making a small purchase.  If you do, I'll soon be able to pay for litho printing of my art work, and possibly buy a heat press so my art can be pressed onto classic american paddles (once, but no longer sold by cracker barrel stores) signed by me & shipped on demand. 

watch patty's gallery for updates on the fate of patty's art, creative writing and just plain ever day stuff.

This will be your portal site for updates and quick news, but I can't promise to be perfect keeping up this entree window and a blog.  Please visit the one that interests you and count on updates beginning September 1, 2006.

You readers Rock!


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